Cortina is a trademark of Colorful Soft Decoration Industry Ltd. The company is a wholesaler of quality fabrics in New Zealand, specializing in curtain fabrics, curtains, upholstery and soft decoration materials. Every year, new curtain fabric designs are developed and released in the market. Cortina’s fabrics are crafted with passion, and embrace the lives spent on and around them. Fabric that spans trends, generations, and cultures. The fabric of life.

Cortina offers a wide variety of curtains styles of good quality for people to choose from. Our window decoration has 10 years warranty. We are devoted to designing the most distinctive and unique window decoration style for your home according to your window shape and home decoration style.

Mission: We offer high-quality window decoration and good after-sales services. We are concerned about attracting and maintaining our consumers, and also offer customized solutions.

Vision: We are providing professional curtains customized solutions to achieving consumers satisfaction.